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Creating Your Music Profile

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Most DJs want you to make a playlist, however, how will you know what the big hits will be the week of your wedding? How are you expected to guess what your guests will want to party to months from now? Let’s be honest, if your guests are going to have a few adult beverages, you have no idea what they will ask the DJ to play!

Our Music Profile covers 39 categories of danceable music to quickly identify the music you love. This gives us the flexibility to play your guests requests, but only the ones that you would groove to. This will allow you to still have complete control over what gets played at your wedding, without having to choose every song.

ps. We are happy to work from a playlist, but when there’s a request, we don’t want to guess how you want it handled.

Now that you know how we can keep your guests dancing all night long, let’s make sure we are available!